Recubrimientos Metálicos Vicente S.L.

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    Proceso de fabricación de RMV


    RMV offers its customers a wide range of electroplating services. All these processes to enhance corrosion resistance can be customised […]

    Las bolas de Zinc son la materia prima de los recubrimientos de RMV


    The zinc electroplating process, or galvanisation, is to protect the surface of metals (iron, brass, Zamak and other alloys) from […]

    Recubrimiento Zinc Niquel


    Nickel-Zinc provides increased protection against red rust, and improves the resistance of parts to be subjected to high temperatures. Therefore, […]

    Recubrimiento en Zinc Hierro Negro


    An alloy deposited on metal parts that provides a considerable improvement in corrosion resistance compared to conventional zinc. FINISHES: Transparent: […]

    El Proceso de Sellado aumenta la resistencia de las piezas


    The sealing process is highly recommended to further strengthen the resistance to corrosion on any zinc coating, whether conventional zinc […]

    Pasivado en Blanco


    The passivation process is absolutely essential to prevent oxidation of aluminium parts. This process is highly demanded, especially for protecting […]

    Proceso de Desengrasado Electrolítico


    It is critical to degrease parts to remove any residues of oil, grease, dust or moisture before the galvanisation process […]

    Proceso de Decapado


    This is the process to dissolve the oxide layers on parts by immersing them in acid solution. There are a […]

    Lacados diversos


    RMV also provides polishing as well as nickel and chrome plating for products. Please contact us at for more […]